My husband and I love to travel. But we came to a realization recently that how we travel may differ from others in that we travel to eat. Instead of slamming our days full of tourist activities and eating as a way to fill time between those activities, our main agenda is actually the eating itself, with the activities or sights thrown in there simply as a way to kill time between meals. When visiting new countries, I love to learn about local specialties and I'm so grateful to have a partner that is always down for trying new foods.  This is a collection of my Top 10 food spots in some of the most incredible cities all over the world.

Barcelona Top 10 Eats Food Restaurants


Olives, cheese, wine... Tapas as far as the eye can see. Traveling to Barcelona? These are some food spots you cannot miss!

sami time lapse.jpg


From the best xiao long bao to the famous pineapple bun, these are my favorite spots to eat in all of Hong Kong.

robertas pizza 4.jpg


Pizza, pizza, bagels and pizza. Living in SE Asia makes you crave good pizza and bagels like you wouldn't believe. These are my favorite spots to eat in NYC (and they aren't only pizza and bagels).