sami romansky

Sami with danish delicious sweet

Hi!  I’m Sami!


I have loved cooking pretty much my whole life.  I started young, raised in San Diego, CA by parents who were adventurous eaters— while most normal kids were eating toaster pop tarts and bagel bites for breakfast and after school snacks, I was eating Huevos Rancheros and ordering nigiri sushi with quail eggs. (Not that I don't crave an occasional pop tart). 

When my mom married my step dad, he came from a large, foodie family and sent my mom through some culinary classes to step up her game.  I learned so much just from being a kid in the kitchen and helping her prep for large dinner parties.  At the time, I really didn't have a choice, but now I greatly value that training and time working and watching in the kitchen. My grandma on my step dad’s side for years would host family dinner every Friday night, where anywhere from 20-30 of us would show up and all basically nosh on the latest cover recipe of Bon Appetit.  All my aunts and cousins— same thing.  Talented, talented women in the kitchen.  

Although never formally trained, I was a personal chef in Seattle for a few years prior to my husband and I starting our own business together.  The family I cooked for were vegetarians, and I got very comfortable making delicious, creative and flavorful meals without meat.  I was grateful for the challenge and for that professional time in the kitchen. 

Right now my main client is my husband. He doesn’t pay me as well, but he’s the one who's been encouraging me to make this blog and has been for a very long time. Because I show love with food, it's always an internal struggle of wanting to keep him healthy, but also wanting to spoil him with the more decadent things too.  My husband is the one who suggested More Icing Than Cake as my blog name because it is pretty much my motto in life/ personality in a nutshell. 

We happily live on Vashon island, less than a 20 minute gorgeous ferry ride from downtown Seattle, WA. Vashon is a wonderful place for fresh, delicious produce and has a real small town, community driven feel even though its so close to a major city. I try as often as I can to create food with seasonal ingredients and buy them local from our farmer’s market or the countless family owned farms and dairies. My husband and I absolutely love to travel and I also try my best to use spices, techniques and flavors I learn about from cultures all over the world.



Thanks for stopping by More Icing Than Cake!