sami romansky

Sami Professional Food Photography

Hi!  I’m Sami!


I have loved cooking pretty much my whole life.  I started young, raised in San Diego, CA by parents who were adventurous eaters— while most normal kids were eating pop tarts and bagel bites for breakfast and after school snacks, I was eating Huevos Rancheros, ordering nigiri sushi with quail eggs, and preferred my tuna salad with capers. Now that I'm grown, I'm certainly not above an occaisonal pop tart, but I am grateful that I learned to be open to trying new foods at an early age.  

A few years back,  I was a personal chef in Seattle, WA.  Although I was never formerly trained in culinary school, the family I cooked for appreciated that I cooked with love and variety.  My employers were vegetarians, and I enjoyed the challenge of making delicious, creative and flavorful meals without meat.  I am still so happy to have had that opportunity that gave me a professional experience in the kitchen. 

Right now my main client is my husband. He doesn’t pay me as well, but he’s the one who's been encouraging me to make this blog and has been for a very long time. Because I show love with food, it's always an internal struggle of wanting to keep him healthy, but also wanting to spoil him with the more decadent things too.  My husband is the one who suggested More Icing Than Cake as my blog name because it is pretty much my motto in life and personality in a nutshell. 

We currently live in Chiang Mai, Thailand. While living in Seattle, WA, we visited Thailand on a 5 week trip and fell in love with it. A year and a half later we came back to give it a trial run and now here we are!  This is now our home.  There are obvious benefits but also daily struggles of being a foreigner in a new country.  It is proving to be quite the adventure and I'm so happy I have supporters along for the ride! 

 My husband and I absolutely love to travel and I try my best to incorporate spices, techniques and flavors I learn about from cultures all over the world. But especially now, living in Thailand, I particularly enjoy making western comforts with an asian flare, utilizing new, local ingredients available to me here in SE Asia. I love to share what I discover with all my readers and hopefully convince them to try ingredients or combinations they might otherwise not have considered.